Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Corneologue IV - 2017 - A KeratoRefractive Symposium

Venue : Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad
Time : 8AM to 4 PM
Date : 26 th March 2017 , Sunday

8:15-9:00 AM - Registration & Breakfast

Session 1
Lamellar Corneal Surgery Masterclass on DSEK , DMEK , DALK and Phaco in Complicated Cornea - Learn whats new from the Masters of Corneal Surgery 

10:45 AM - 11AM  - Tea/ Coffee Break

Session 2 
Corneologue Update on the latest in technology and treatment for Keratoconus , Ocular Allergy , Adenoviral Infection , Ocular Allergy and Dry Eye . All you need to know for managing your patients in 2017 in a compact interactive 2 hour session .

1-2 PM- Lunch Break

Session 3 
Refractive Surgery Session
Decision Making In Refractive Surgery by Dr Gaurav Luthra - a very popular , interactive session focussed on the dilemmas faced by all of us for refractive surgery patients .

4:30 PM - Tea / Coffee and Concluding Remarks

Please do register your names early as we have limited seats.


Organising Secretariat

Ms Meera Zala / Dr Ashish Nagpal
Centre For Corneal Disease & Surgery
Retina Foundation and Eye Research Centre
Near The Underbridge,
Ahmedabad- 380004
Phone: +91-79 22865537 , 22860086 /


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