Monday, August 19, 2013

Corneologue 2013 - Final Scientific Program - Please do register early as the seats are filling up fast ....




SATURDAY 31st August 2013

12 PM to 1:30 – Registration and Lunch
1:30 to 1:50PM  – Welcome and Introduction Of Faculty
1:50 to 6:00 PM – The Art Of Refractive Surgery Course

SUNDAY 1st September, 2013

8 to 9 AM  – Registration and Breakfast
9 AM TO 9:15 – Welcome and Introduction Of Faculty
9:15 AM TO 10:45 AM Keratoconus and Cornea Update from the Masters
10:45 to 11 AM – Refreshment
11 AM to 12:45PM –The Cornea after Cataract Surgery
12:45 to 2 PM - Lunch
2 to 5 PM – Femto FaceOff Session


SATURDAY 31st August 2013

The Art Of Refractive Surgery Course

Course Instructors :

Dr Pravin Krishna , Dr Rohit Shetty, Dr Rishi Swarup, Dr Vandana Jain,
Dr Ashish Nagpal, Dr Darshin Bavishi, , Dr Yogesh Kapoor, Dr Samaresh Srivastava


Didactic approach to basic principles in LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablations (ASA)  with the help of surgical videos. Excimer technology will be analysed, as well as microkeratome and femtosecond laser function and use.
Indications, methodology and technique will be approached in a basic didactic function including post-operative care and management of the most common complications.
Patient selection and treatment criteria will be discussed as well. This course will focus on the novice surgeon, but will reiterate the basic principles for the experienced as well.


1) LASIK / ASA patient selection  
Dr Samaresh Srivastava , Dr Ashish Nagpal  15 minutes
a) Indications
b) Medical contraindications
c) Personality dangers
d) Pre-operative evaluation and refractive error


2) Aberrations , Aberrometers and their Application in

Dr Rohit Shetty 15 minutes


3) LASIK instrumentation-microkeratomes and femtosecond
Dr Vandana Jain – 15 minutes

a) Basic principles and brief overview of microkeratomes
b) Surgical technique and tips  
c) Possible complications and their management
d) Maintenance issues


3) LASIK  / ASA – Pearls for low and high myopia and astigmatism
Dr Pravin Krishna – 15 minutes

a) Surgical technique adaptations for specific refractive errors, hyperopia, high myopic ablations , astigmatism
b) Adjuvant medications
c) Post-operative management

4) LASIK / ASA Pearls for Hyperopia
Dr Yogesh Kapoor


Refreshment Break


3). LASIK instrumentation-excimer lasers
Dr Rishi Swarup -15 minutes

a) Basic principles
b) Excimer OT Parameters and Sterility
c) Surgical technique – with video of OT and lasik procedure
d) Possible complications and their management
e) Maintenance issues


5).LASIK in action –Videos
Dr Pravin Krishna + Dr Ashish Nagpal – 20 minutes  

Step-by-step action on several procedures on videos, question-answer session and coverage of basic problem shooting with the panelists. 

6) LASIK Complications Video Presentations

1)    Epithelial Ingrowth - Dr Girish Jethwa
2)    Flap Striae Management  - Dr Girish Jethwa
3)    DLK - Dr Dharmesh Shah

7) PHAKIC IOL’S – ICL’s  -
Dr Darshin Bavishi  15 minutes , Dr Ashish Nagpal

a) Basic principles
b) Pre-operative evaluation parameters
c) Surgical technique
d) Possible complications and their management



SUNDAY 1st September, 2013

 Corneal Update from the Masters

Moderators: Dr Ashish Nagpal , Dr Sandeep Arora , Dr Hemal Kansagra           

A) Keratoconus Update - The Future is bright

1.     Keratoconus Understanding and management Revisited-Dr Rohit Shetty 15 minutes

2.     Experience with Accelerated Crosslinking Dr Vandana Jain 10 minutes

3.     Surgical Management Of Keratoconus Dr Rishi Swarup 10 minutes

B) Case Based Interactive Session to cover management of Infectious Corneal Disease 

Moderated by Dr Pravin Krishna , Dr Bhavleen Kaur  

Case Presentations Dr Sarita Bhandari

Refreshment Break – 15 minutes

The Cornea and Cataract Surgery 

Moderators: Dr Ashish Nagpal , Dr Sandeep Arora , Dr Darshin Bavishi

1.     Pearls on Preoperative Evaluation of Cornea before Cataract Surgery and Intraoperative tips for Phacoemulsification for Complicated Corneas – Dr Vandana Jain

2.     Pearls for Phacoemulsifcation  after Keratoplasty Dr Purendra Bhasin

3.     Descemet’s Membrane Detachment - intraoperative and postoperative management   Dr Pravin Krishna

4.     Toric IOLs for Corneal Disease – Dr Rishi Swarup

5.     Role of  Corneal Topography in Modern Cataract Surgery- Dr Girish Jethwa

6.     iTracey  -and Interesting Cataract Surgery Scenarios –– Dr Samaresh Srivstava

7.     Preventing Endophthalmitis Prophylactic Antimicrobials in Cataract Surgery Dr Ashish Nagpal


Femto FaceOff- The Future is here

Moderators: Dr Vandana Jain, Dr Ashish Nagpal,  Dr Tejas Shah, Dr Samaresh Srivastava

A session dedicated to Femtosecond lasers in Refractive and Corneal Surgery. The potential and advantage of the Femto Cataract Surgery shall also be touched upon during this session.

Dr Purendra Bhasin - Expanding the limits of Refractive surgery by Femtosecond laser

Dr Darshin Bavishi My Experience with the Zeimer

Dr Pravin Krishna Why I love the Zeiss Visumax

Dr Rishi Swarup Why I chose AMO Intralase as my Femto

Dr Dharmesh Shah - My Experience with the Alcon- FS-200