Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sirius- The Combined Placido and Schiempflug Corneal Topographer installed

The Sirius Topographer ( CSO, Italy) was installed at Cornea Services, Retina Foundation this  month. Its amongst the first installation of the advanced anterior segment topography plus tomography system in India.

Sirius - Complete Anterior Segment Imaging System

Sirius , CSO  - click image to enlarge

It helps provide  a very detailed analysis of the cornea , both the anterior curvature and posterior curvature as it analyses almost 1,00,000 points on both the front and back surface of the cornea in 2 seconds.  By combining both the systems of Schiempflug imaging ( popularly known as Pentacam) and the established Placido imaging it provides an edge over other systems of imaging the cornea.

click image to enlarge

It shall further help in better screening and earlier identification of KERATCONUS patients , monitoring of Crosslinked Keratoconus patients as well as monitoring and screening for LASIK and ICL ( Implantable Contact Lens) candidates.

6 map customizable display- click image to enlarge

It also has built in software for anterior segment analysis useful for glaucoma, cataract density, contact lens fitting, corneal altimetry etc.

Dr Ashish Nagpal, Cornea Services, Retina Foundation also informs that it is named after Sirius - the  brightest star in the night sky. He adds that the Sirius's advanced technical features like image processing, rapid data capture,  Corneal Altimetry software and a seperate pupillometry and densitometry camera truly shall make it live up to its name in the arena of anterior segment tomography devices.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eye Flu - Conjunctivitis - Eye Care Tips and Truths

-        VIRAL Conjunctivitis or EYE FLU  is  spreading throughout Gujarat rapidly and we have to protect ourselves from it and also control its spread.

-        Wash your hands frequently.
-        Do not touch or rub your eyes.


      DO NOT START EYE DROPS TAKEN  WITHOUT Doctor’s PRESCRIPTION FROM A CHEMIST as they may contain steroids and which can cause further problems.

-         Wash your hands frequently throughout the day.
-        Keep your towels, handkerchiefs, bedsheets separate to avoid any family member from getting infection.
-        Avoid touching your eyes during conjunctivitis.
-        Eye Flu does not spread by looking into someone’s eyes, but it’s a good idea to wear sunglasses to prevent touching your eyes and comfort from sun , dust etc.
-        Discontinue contact lenses use  immediately.
-        Avoid swimming if you have Conjunctivitis.
-        Excessive watering should be cleaned with tissue and tissues should be discarded.
-        There should be no sharing of eye drops amongst  family members.
-        Avoid going to public places during conjunctivitis.
-        Consult an Eye Specialist /Ophthalmologist  if you have decrease in vision, discharge or increase in swelling while taking any medicine for conjunctivitis.

      Please Note that these are general precautions to be taken for eye flu/ viral conjunctivitis and are issued in public interest , a pink eye can be caused by other infections eye problems as well and the best treatment can be judged by your eye specialist/ ophthalmologist only. Do not use these guidelines for self treatment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kerasoft IC - a breakthrough soft lens for Keratoconus and Irregular Corneas

These are unique and super confortable contact lenses meant for those who have Keratoconus or Scarred /Irregular Corneas and are not able to tolerate semisoft lenses. (The IC stands for Irregular Corneas.)

They have changed the way we manage all Keratoconus patients especially once they have undergone Corneal Collagen Crosslinking and have stable keratoconus and are now looking at improving their vision with lenses. 

They are also a useful alternative  for people who have had corneal injury or keratoplasty and have slightly irregular corneas and need to wear semisoft/ RGP lenses for better vision. 

You can see some video testimonials of patients here.

For more information you can also visit their corporate website at or contact us at

KeraSoft IC Lenses are currently  available in Gujarat  only at Cornea Services, Retina Foundation , Ahmedabad  and WaveLase Eye Centre  , Ahmedabad.


Some Basic Information On Kerasoft IC from their website

KeraSoft® IC; a ground-breaking IC lens designed to give an effective and comfortable alternative to rigid GP lenses.

Manufactured with a unique front surface prismatic toric design the KeraSoft® IC reliably corrects high levels of astigmatism 
(up to -15.00DC) and also masks corneal distortion.
Patients currently wearing GP lenses are often limited to an average wear-time of 6 hours per day but now, by wearing KeraSoft® IC, they can have the freedom of enjoying up to 18 hours per day of clear, comfortable vision.Award-winning Wavefront optics provide enhanced visual acuity.

Fully Tailor-made

  • Periphery is configurable to suit the individual eye
  • Sector Management to fit even the most complex corneal distortions
  • Optional reverse geometry on steep peripheral fits
  • Tailor-made to meet the needs of the individual eye

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keratoconus - is like being Blinded with Light !!

Patient Information Brochure  for Keratoconus , a debilitating  corneal condition affecting young children adolescents and adults as well. 

For a perspective on how people who have keratoconus see the world with distorted view can be judged by the image below.

Please click on brochure above for enlarging it

Friday, May 14, 2010

Retina Foundation at the Vith World Cornea Congress , Boston, USA

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The World Cornea Congress is an international community of corneal specialists (both clinicians and basic scientists) which meets only every five years to review the accomplishments of the previous years and develop ideas for the coming years; it is the largest single gathering of individuals in the Cornea specialty.
Retina Foundation's  - Cornea Services two presentations by Dr Ashish Nagpal  on Advanced Endothelial Keratoplasty in over 80 Indian Eyes  and by Dr Sandeep Arora on Herpes Simplex Necrotic Viral Keratitis has been accepted and presented at  VIth World Cornea Congress to be held in Boston , Massachusetts, USA  from 7th to 9th April, 2010.

Poster on DSEK in Indian Eyes now Online

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Retina Foundation at the All India Ophthalmological Congress, 2010, Kolkatta

Dr P N Nagpal, Dr Manish Nagpal, Dr Ashish Nagpal at the All India Ophthalmological Congress 2010, held at Science City , Kolkatta, January 2010 where they presented various instruction courses, workshops and papers in their specialities.