Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sirius- The Combined Placido and Schiempflug Corneal Topographer installed

The Sirius Topographer ( CSO, Italy) was installed at Cornea Services, Retina Foundation this  month. Its amongst the first installation of the advanced anterior segment topography plus tomography system in India.

Sirius - Complete Anterior Segment Imaging System

Sirius , CSO  - click image to enlarge

It helps provide  a very detailed analysis of the cornea , both the anterior curvature and posterior curvature as it analyses almost 1,00,000 points on both the front and back surface of the cornea in 2 seconds.  By combining both the systems of Schiempflug imaging ( popularly known as Pentacam) and the established Placido imaging it provides an edge over other systems of imaging the cornea.

click image to enlarge

It shall further help in better screening and earlier identification of KERATCONUS patients , monitoring of Crosslinked Keratoconus patients as well as monitoring and screening for LASIK and ICL ( Implantable Contact Lens) candidates.

6 map customizable display- click image to enlarge

It also has built in software for anterior segment analysis useful for glaucoma, cataract density, contact lens fitting, corneal altimetry etc.

Dr Ashish Nagpal, Cornea Services, Retina Foundation also informs that it is named after Sirius - the  brightest star in the night sky. He adds that the Sirius's advanced technical features like image processing, rapid data capture,  Corneal Altimetry software and a seperate pupillometry and densitometry camera truly shall make it live up to its name in the arena of anterior segment tomography devices.


Mark said...
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mintradz said...

It was a brilliant idea that this kind of tool can be use to provide a very detailed analysis of the cornea. I heard some Arizona optometrist are also using this kind of technology with the state of the art laboratory around in Mesa.

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