Saturday, November 2, 2013

Have a Sparkling Diwali But Please Be Safe !!

Wishing you a Sparkling Diwali and a Prosperous New Year.

Every Diwali alongwith preparing for the festivities etc we at Retina Foundation have also to prepare for managing and operating  various forms of eye injuries related to fire crackers that are referred to us from all over the state .

Retina Foundation Operation Theatre No 3- Panaromic view

Unfortunately , over 70 percent of these injuries occur in children , either when they are bursting crackers and experimenting with the various "phuljadis " , or bursting bombs in different boxes, or just trying out new "rocket" postions , usually the children are unsupervised.

Photo Courtesy: tribuneindia

So we at Retina Foundation request you to atleast  make sure you do  TWO  simple things this year while celebrating diwali and bursting crackers with your family.

1) Please let children play with fire crackers only UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION.

2) Please invest a few Rupees in buying some "Protective Glasses " for yourself and your children.

Please Take Care

Team Retina Foundation

P.S: For more information on prevention injuries in children you can visit this link


drsmc said...

good...sugestion,wearing glasses will reduce injury to eyes simultaneously dont allow bombs..light/heavy light by children.

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