Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keratoconus - Some Useful Online Resources

Global Keratoconus Foundation - provides global information about keratoconus and focusses specially on cornea surgery sparing treatments and alternatives.

a basic guide to keratoconus 

National Keratoconus Foundation - a US based foundation dedicated to providing information about keratoconus to patients and their relatives
The National Keratoconus Foundation was founded in 1986 by Morry and Rita Pynoos when their son was diagnosed with keratoconus. At that time, there was no organization established which would provide guidance and information about what life was like with keratoconus. There was little information available and no way to contact others with this condition.

A collections of video testimonials of patients benefitted by the award winning kerasoft contact lenses for keratoconus patients.

If you come across any other useful online resources for keratoconus patients please do put some other useful links in the comments column , thanks


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Danny said...

This post clearly raises awareness regarding keratoconus. Good thing there are ways to treat this and get rid of it permanently. I hope people can hear more about eye disorders and proper eye care.

-Danny Collins

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