Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time to Open Your Eyes to Eye Donation .....

So just how bad is the situation in India ? Open your eyes to this. Out of the 9,500,000 deaths that occurred in the country last year, only a mere 29,000 had opted for eye donations.
This is in contrast to the demand of about one million eyes per annum. Why this lack of concern?
Well, some experts like to believe that such a callous attitude on part of society is due to a lack of a concerted effort on a national scale by everyone who needs to be involved, namely, professionals, the media, Government, voluntary organizations and civil society at large. Then in India , there are huge superstitions and strange beliefs to contend with, especially in rural areas:
  • The belief that one will be born disfigured or blind in the next birth if eyes are removed before cremation / burial.
  • The misconception that the process of eye donation involves hassles like taking the dead person to the hospital and waiting for procedures
  • Finally, if consent and cooperation of family members/survivors is not there, then even an eye-pledge form from the donor is useless. 
So it is time, people like YOU  start making the difference.
It's time we all opened our eyes to eye donations....
If you wish to learn more you can visit www.idonation.in for more detailed information
Send an email to idonation@gmail.com with your
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