Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cutting Edge Laser Technology available at RF

PASCAL Multispot Laser Photocoagulator

For faster and more accurate treatment of various retinal and eye conditions .

(First Installation in India at Retina Foundation in September 2007.)

The PASCAL Photocoagulator is an integrated semi-automatic pattern scan laser photocoagulation system designed to treat ocular diseases using a single shot or predetermined pattern array.

Pascal photocoagulator also has [CE Mark] for international sale.

The Pascal method of photocoagulation was initially developed at Stanford University. OptiMedica founders worked together at Coherent, and based on their experience in the ophthalmic laser industry, recognized the need for improved safety, precision, comfort and speed of photocoagulation procedures for eye diseases.

  • In 2007, OptiMedica received the R&D 100 award for the Pascal Photocoagulator. The award recognizes the innovative technology as one of the top 100 products introduced to the marketplace in the last year.
  • The Pascal Photocoagulator was recognized with a 2007 Medical Design Excellence Award gold medal in the surgical equipment, instruments, and supplies category.

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